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Prakash Eng. & Gear Company is a leading manufacturer and suppliers of various types of Conveyors in India. Director, Prakash Patel have created a new benchmark for conveyors with their undeterred efforts and incredibly creative techniques. At a time, when most consumers are giving preference to Conveyor manufacturing, giving those products that are designed with a difference, and customized to their needs is what make Prakash Engineering a stand out among competitors.
With largest experience in the industry we offer to our customers we have staged products like Roller Conveyor, Slat Conveyor, Belt Conveyor, Conveyor Plant and Mobile Conveyor for our customers. With these different products, our consumers can convey their goods easy, fast for long duration...
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we do high quality manufacturer of conveyors in india
We will build a conveyor belt that should behave exactly as a real one, where each conveyor belt pad is individually simulated dynamically. This means that smaller objects could get trapped in-between two adjacent pads. This type of simulation can be quite calculation intensive and slows down the overall simulation process.